On the road again

Today the road is straight and flat and wide. Exactly the road I was wishing for when I was in the mountains, but I got tired of it already after two hours. Even listening to music it's quite boring to travel on a road that never changes. Even the scenery did not change a lot on the way. I kept myself busy with adjusting my luggage while cycling and attempting to drive exactly on the white line at the side of the road.

I tweaked the front gear changer part thingie a tiny little bit yesterday morning, and since then gear shifts on the front are working flawlessly again. Unfortunately the rear gears are still very wonky, and whenever I change up a gear I have to press the gear shift button three times. After pressing it three times it's a mystery which gear it'll select, but I can find the right gear again by shifting down and slightly pushing the downshift lever until it finds the right gear. It's a bit wonky, but it'll do.

My bicycle's still full of crud, and it's making constant squeaking noises right now. The chain is also very muddy and I really should clean it when I get the chance.

I've already cycled 60-70 km's, and I'm going to try to cycle 50-60 km's more. I'm getting close to the end so I want to speed things up a bit, which is one reason why I want to cycle a lot today. The other reason is rain. It's supposed to start raining at the end of the day and then continue to rain for the whole day tomorrow. The more distance I can cover today in the sunshine, the less I have to cycle in the rain tomorrow.

Now that I've roughly decided how to end the trip, I'm quite happy to finish it, even though I didn't want the trip to end a couple of weeks ago. A choice-supportive bias, I guess.

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