• "Do you think the grocery store is still open?"
  • - "It's only 5PM, but in villages like these you never know."
  • "Ok. I'm going out for a bit then."
  • - "Bring me back a pretty girl, please."
  • "If there was a pretty girl in this village I'd keep her to myself."
  • - "They might sell them at the grocery store."
  • "They don't even have plain bread, and you think they will have pretty girls?"

I'm still at Capa Sata, enjoying the great weather and relaxing a bit. I walked from the camp site to the southernmost point today, which was quite a decent hike. It felt great to walk on a road that was nearly impossible to climb with my heavy bicycle, yet easily conquered by a weightless hiker. Every hour a single car passes. The scenery is beautiful and I am walking to the southernmost point of Kyushu. For the first time since I've been here I feel like it was worth it to come here.

(I'm still camping and my battery is running out again, so I will save the photos for next time. Sumimasen!)

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