Daily life

Stupid things I've done since being back from Japan:

  • At a crossing with my bicycle, crossing the road, then realizing that I'm driving on the left side.
  • At the supermarket, waiting at the conveyor belt and wondering why they don't give me a plastic bag.
  • At night getting hungry, thinking "I'll just go to conbini and pick up some food", then realizing that I'm in Holland.
  • Almost (many times): after paying at a store, getting a sudden urge to say "Doumo" or "Arigato".
  • Almost: meeting a person I haven't seen in a while and greeting them with "hisashiburi".
  • Expecting to find public toilets during a long cycling trip.
  • Ordering a book at Amazon.com and expecting it to arrive within a week.
  • Expecting good customer service (see previous post)

Besides the 'incidents' mentioned above it's been life as usual. I'm still frustrated that my quest for knowledge is not proceeding as fast as I'd like. The longer I have to wait, the more I think about worst-case scenarios, which is not helping my mood. But as long as I'm making a little progress every day I don't feel too bad.

Here's some photos I made at my desk with the S90. Sepia coloring at ISO 3200.

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