Wide screen is happy screen

Hard coding is good coding :P

Yes, I do realize there's a spatial distortion taking place in the center of my screen.

Today's topic: Red-Black trees. A bit like Christmas trees, but then not. I figured the best way to learn this stuff was with a hands-on approach. As I started writing code the whole thing rapidly got more complex, so I finally added unit tests to confirm that whatever it is that I'm doing is correct. Interesting how a tiny little project can get out of hand so quickly...

Hardware-related note: my 8800GT graphics card is dying. I'm getting more and more flickering red pixels on my screen. It might be my imagination but it seems like when it's hot the card has less errors than when it's cold. Too bad winter is coming, that'll kill it for sure. Hardware forums are telling me to bake the card in an oven to fix it. Might give that a try.




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