OpenCV, JavaCV and the Java Media Framework

A friend told me about a very cool project called Open Computer Vision (OpenCV). It's a library that contains a whole bunch of useful functions that you'll absolutely need if you're doing any kind of image processing. It has a Java wrapper as well called JavaCV, which internally makes native system calls to the OpenCV C++ library. I played with it a bit today and I was very impressed. Unlike every other open-source project I ever downloaded, this one actually works out of the box. No messing around with libraries, OS-dependent settings and whatnot. Just put the jars in Eclipse and everything works. Brilliant.

I played a bit with the edge detection features and figured I might as well hook it up to my webcam to see the output in real-time. I remember that the Java Media Framework was supposed to be able to interface with a webcam, but JMF has been long dead. I googled a bit but couldn't find a better alternative, so I gave the ol' JMF a try. And lo and behold, it does indeed work.

I like this stuff. It's tangible progress in the right direction. Now I have a great starting point to get involved in image recognition :)

If you're interested in learning more about OpenCV  I can recommend this book: Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision in C++.

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