High-tech restaurant: Inamo St James @ London

Went to a very interesting place the other day called Inamo. It's a high-tech restaurant that allows you to order food via a menu that is projected on the table surface, controlled by a touchpad-like area in the corner. Here's how it looks like.

I have to admit that the way it works is really cool. I expected it to be a bit more high-tech though, with finger-tracking, cameras etc. Instead, it's just the old-fashioned touchpad with a regular screen (albeit projected). Projecting the dishes on the plate when you choose them is brilliant. It might be worth mentioning that the projections are a lot larger than the actual food. The actual portions are very small and a bit overpriced. I'd say it's worth visiting to play with the menu, then get the hell out of there and eat cheap food somewhere else. Still, a very worthwhile experience. More restaurants should do this!

Some more info and photos over on Xi's blog.

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