A day in the life of London

We went out to London last Saturday for what turned out to be a wonderfully random day out. It reminded me a bit of some of the outings I had in Tokyo. London did its best to show itself a proper city, with all kinds of things happening everywhere. Here's a little photo report of a random Saturday in London.

We started our afternoon off with some crêpe-y goodness.

This was followed by a walk in the park where The People of London were leisurely relaxing on the grass.

There were some deck chairs in the park, but apparently sitting on a chair is something you have to pay for in this city. Sitting tax, indeed.

Passing by a map of the park I noticed these interesting IP addresses.

We sat down in the park and took a break. In a timespan of about 30 minutes the area next to us started to fill up with people. Lots of people. They suddenly started cheering and a cloud of smoke rose above them. At first we thought that they set the deck chairs on fire, but as it turns out it was the scene of the monthly protest to legalize pot. Apparently we just happened to choose a spot in the park right next to the biggest pot party in London.

A short wander away from the park brought us past these mysterious creatures:

After that we headed for the south bank and visited a good photography exhibition showing some of the best photos of 2010. I definitely appreciate photography more than abstract art.

Annoying Photomatix put a logo in my photo. This is the last time I used Photomatix.

We happened across a 'real food' festival on the way back to Waterloo station, which offered various kinds of foods, although mostly burgers, sausages and cheese.

Here's Waterloo station in the sunset:

A day out in London wouldn't be a proper day out if it didn't end with a tube ride home.

Arriving back at my place I found that the sky turned into a nice pink color.

... and that was London!

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