Life is reaching a certain routine for me right now. I'm getting used to working in Victoria, which is a terribly busy place around this time, when everyone is frantically stuffing themselves down the subway hole trying to get home. I tried it once, it wasn't too bad. I'm on the district line which doesn't get too busy. I used to be on the Piccadilly line but that's way too crowded, especially during the mornings. I'm now cycling to the nearest station that serves the District line, leaving my bike at the station for the whole day. So far it hasn't been stolen, although some horrible chavs were leaning against it one evening when I returned from work. They respected my authority.

I'm at a Starbucks right now, waiting for the crowd to dissipate. Victoria is so busy not only because of the many commuters returning home from work, it's also a gathering point for tourists. It's right next to Buckingham Palace and attracts massive Germans, I mean crowds, at any time of the day. I've been thinking about moving here, but internet is a problem. I thought the Starbucks card I just bought would solve it, since it gives you 'free' internet at any Starbucks facility. But not really, because they disabled SSL, effectively disabling useful sites like GMail and Twitter. I don't care much about twitter but I really can't do without my gmail. What a failure.

Anyway, time to head 'home'. Cheers.

(Mini-update: it seems that it was just the one Starbucks that had disabled SSL. I since went to another Starbucks and everything worked fine. )

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