I'm noticing a severe lack of concentration in myself for anything outside of work. After a one-hour commute back home I just can't be bothered to write a meaningful blogpost, watch a quality movie or play an entertaining game. My attention span shortens and before I know it I'm back into my usual routine of checking Facebook, then Twitter, then a news website, then another news website, then Facebook again... ad infinitum. This is decidedly unhealthy behavior. I used to avoid watching TV to avoid falling prey to this kind of looping boredom, yet now I am stuck in it anyway.

The previous blogpost relates to this idea quite well. It's easy to muster up the strength to change the world when you're well-rested and you have all your mental facilities at your disposal. Alas, after a long day of work, you often don't. This blogpost is a perfect example of this phenomenon being manifested, as I didn't at all intend to write about this topic, rather I wanted to steer the conversation somewhere else but my brain did not cooperate. Thus I ended up ranting about the same thing again.

The washer is beeping at me. More things I have to do. I can't wait to have peace of mind again.

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