Solving the problem of not having enough time

As usual I am still bothered by how I don't have enough time to do all the things I want. I ran across a truly fascinating post on Hacker News on transcranial direct current stimulation - or as some like to call it: brain hacking. Stimulating the brain via a low direct current makes it work faster, makes you remember and learn things quicker and generally makes you less depressed. That would save the world so much time on studying and would allow us to ingest so much more topics! There's some people who tried to make a homegrown device that does the same thing. The components involved aren't particularly high-tech so anyone with some basic knowledge of electrics should be able to manufacture one. I might give that a try some time.

I finally found a report online of someone successfully getting the Dell XPS 15Z to work with both an SSD as primary drive and a HDD in place of the optical drive. I then proceeded to order the HDD tray from here (although it seems any generic tray would do the trick as well) and a nice 240GB SSD. I spend most of my days in front of my laptop. It's how I earn my money. I used to have a setup like this on my desktop PC so I know how much time this saves me and much happier a person this makes me. It's an expensive upgrade from the 'value for money' point of view, but not making it would simply be idiotic. The sole reason I earn money is to make my life better. Buying an SSD will make my life better. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Despite it costing only a third of what I spend on the SSD, I've been debating for months on whether I should get an exercise bike or not. Because I have access to the Google gym I tend to not want to spend money, but I am a lot less free in my doings when I go there. If I download a new video I want to watch, I have to spend conscious effort on getting it to run on my iPod so I can watch it while I exercise in the gym. First world problems, I know, but still. I live in the first world, I have this problem, and I want to solve it. I considered cycling to work but that would just piss me off more given London's shit weather and shit road conditions for cycling. I always have that option since my bicycle is ready to go at any time, but I want something more, so I finally bought a decent exercise bike. And I will use it too. People online always complain that they bought an exercise bike but never use it. I will not succumb to this because I will make it easy to use. And because I will put it in the living room in front of the TV I will be able to go about my business as usual while I exercise, thereby saving time.

Saving time by spending money. That's usually how it goes. I work because I need money to experience the things I like. What's left after that is to decide how to make the most efficient use of the time you have left. If it takes money to make more efficient use of your time, then spend it. You won't regret it. Losing money is bad, losing time is infinitely worse.

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