Wrecking myself

I'm turning into a different person lately. I find myself getting irritable more quickly, swearing more often and getting annoyed sooner than usual. I believe it's related to work pressure. Things just never seem to quiet down. They only get busier.

As such, I am very happy about going on a long holiday this summer, and I'm reconsidering the amount of work I was planning to do while on holiday. Perhaps it's best to leave things well enough alone for a while and recharge myself properly.

That said, there's money issues. My estate agent is doing her utmost best to prevent me from cancelling my rental contract, and it's definitely going to cost me more money that I initially thought. Most of this is to blame on myself; I'm the one who let myself be deceived.

Pressure all around, then. No time to self-actualize. I hate it when that happens. That said, there's only one solution: deal with it. It's the phrase that best describes my life right now.

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