Barclays online banking fail

I've used online banking systems in three different countries: the Netherlands, Japan and the UK. The Japanese one was a bit difficult to get used to because it was only available in Japanese, but once I got the hang of it (and the right browser plugins installed) it was fairly straightforward. I've never had any complaints about my Dutch bank; despite my dislike of banking in general the Rabobank is definitely a bank I'd trust with my money. Not so, for Barclays.

The Barclays internet banking experience is shit. It's like surfing around on a malware site getting 'special offers' throw at you every second. They've recently made the site "more user-friendly:, meaning that some simple tasks are now easier to do and everything else is nearly impossible.

The thing that really bothers me though, is that I can't see what my transactions were over 6 weeks ago. Internet banking simply does not offer you this option. The only thing vaguely similar to this option is to download monthly statements with a list of your transactions, but they're only available from the point when you enable online statements, and they're just pdf versions of the actual paper statement. Boohoo.

So I ventured into a Barclays facility today to try and get a real person to give me some information about my past year's transactions. No such luck! The main desk could not help me and they redirected me to the back area where I had to wait for a 'personal banker' to become available for me. I explained to him that all I wanted was to get some info on my past transactions, but my personal wanker said he had no access to that information and that I had to request paper statements to be re-sent, at a cost of 5 pounds. There is no way I can receive this information digitally, or on paper without paying for it. Barclays is holding my transaction history hostage.

Do I really need to rant here about how this is the 21st century? Do I really need to give examples here of the amazing things that are possible today? And do I then need to point out how utterly ridiculous that Barclays can't do a simple thing such as giving their users insight into their transaction history? RIDICULOUS.

My personal wanker then proceeded to try and sell me his new special offer of the day which would save me tons of money and make me a better person and all I need to do was sign here etc. etc. What. The Fuck. You're running a bank, not a brothel. No matter which one you work in, you're selling yourself off and whoring yourself out. Degrading, demeaning and disrespectful. I need to change banks.

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