An environment that promotes blogging

I'm sitting here at the Google cafeteria, just finished my dinner. One of the perks that this job brings is that I get to eat here whenever I like, and since I've been moving stuff out of my apartment I've been coming here more frequently. I think I've already lost the idea that 'the place where I sleep' is equivalent to 'my home'. I don't feel a particular urge to go back; I'm just as comfortable here.

This feeling reminds me of the time I was cycling around Japan. Back then I also had every important material possession with me. Except back then I was living off of a netbook and the iPad was not released yet. These days I adventure about with a laptop that's just as powerful as any desktop and plays games pretty well, and an iPad for every other occassion. Travelling convenience has increased massively since then.

Travelling habits, on the other hand, have remained the same. When I'm out in the open like this I change my habits. If I were at home I would immediately revert back to the daily slur of making dinner, watching anime I don't really care about and surfing the interwebz for pictures of silly cats. But when I'm in the travelling mindset I better enjoy periods of doing nothing, and I feel more inclined to think about things. And blog.

I think this is a good thing. If you take a look at this blog you'll see that I hardly blogged at all during the past year. It's not just that the daily slur means that nothing blog-worthy happens; the daily slur also prevents blog-worthy thoughts from entering your head. Which is a shame, because I see this blog as a record of my life. Twenty years from now I will want to look back on how I thought about life at the moment of writing this, and some periods I just can't get back because I didn't blog about them.

On that note, I am planning to keep on having an 'open' lifestyle for quite some time after my trip, so hopefully I'll end up blogging a bit more. There's a lot of topics I want to cover here, most importantly how cynical, judgmental and unaccepting I've become. That said, I'm in the calm before the storm now. Maybe when my trip is over I'll be longing to get back into that boring daily-life slur again. But I doubt it. Let's hope I can keep my current momentum going. The time for change is upon us once more!

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