What the fuck is wrong with London?

Today I witnessed a guy crossing the street on the phone, obviously oblivious to traffic. It was a small side street and a taxi approached the pedestrian crossing, narrowly missed him and then came to a halt. The guy was a bit perplexed and walked around the taxi very slowly, still talking on the phone. The taxi driver yelled some obscenities and then decided to get out of the car and start pushing the guy he nearly ran over, because why not personally assault someone if you've failed to run him over, right? The guy seemed a bit scared and too stupefied to do anything. The taxi driver didn't look like he was going to win if it was going to end up in a fight, so eventually he let bystanders 'persuade' him back into his taxi. There's so much rage in this city.

On Monday we finished our dinner at a nice Thai restaurant where we were served by a ladyboy. We were standing outside the restaurant for just a few minutes, talking to each other, when a guy with a bloody arm approached us. He said he got hit by a car, or fell of a bicycle, or whatever, and if we could spare a few pounds for his taxi fare to get to the hospital. Normally I'd give a person some cash without second thought, but this is London, and someone already pulled the exact same trick on me last year. So I stood there and studied the blood-colored make-up on his arm, wondering why people can afford to spend the time and money on the make-up and yet still have to resort to a downright evil trick to make some money on the streets? I feel an inner need to commit violence against these kind of people.

London is making me lose faith in people. The locals here don't realize this and take everything the way it comes. To them, this is just normal everyday life in London. But I've only been here for a year, and I feel a goddamn massive need to shout that THIS IS NOT FUCKING NORMAL!!! GET A CLUE, LONDON! YOUR CITY IS SHIT! TRY TO FUCKING IMPROVE THIS SHIT OR OTHERWISE YOUR SOCIETY WILL GO TO HELL!!!

Perhaps I'll make this a recurring topic. There's certainly enough to rant about.

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