The last of the estate agent

It's been an interesting couple of days. I got a call from my estate agent on Wednesday about finishing everything up before I leave. I told her I'd be leaving on Monday morning but would have to leave very early. She said she understood and acknowledged I was a 'special case' (her words, not mine) and to do the room check on Saturday at 10AM. She even confirmed that I would be moving out on Monday and that these were special circumstances. I spent most of the Friday cleaning up the place for the room check and did not have time to work.

Then Saturday arrived, and she called me at 9:30AM, said she couldn't make it and if we could reschedule to 4PM. Not happy about this I told her I already had other plans for my Saturday, but she had no other time slot, so I gave in and stayed at home until 4PM, catching up on the work that I missed the day before.

Then she arrived at 4PM, asked me some silly unrelated questions and then asked me for my keys since I would be moving out right after the check. I told her that no, this was not what we agreed on over the phone, and that I would be moving out on Monday. She then changed her mind completely and said that she couldn't do the room check then. This pissed me off greatly as she had essentially ruined my Saturday for fucking nothing. I told her that I had to leave Monday morning early at 9AM, and that I would not have time to spare if anything will take longer than expected, but she insisted on doing the room check on Monday anyway. I confirmed with her twice that I would absolutely leave at 9AM to catch my flight, and she said she was okay with that.

What I expect to happen: she will make up some silly issue that would have to cause the professional cleaners to come in, which will cost me 100 pounds. I will try to argue the point with her but I will have to leave to catch my flight. She will then deduct 100 pounds from my deposit before returning it, or find another reason to not return my deposit at all. Because she is that kind of woman.

After her visit finished on Saturday I was so angry that I had to walk to the park to cool off. I spent at least an hour there, just sitting, thinking about things, being angry at her. She is by far the most incompetent and malicious person I have ever had dealings with and I regret it greatly that I ever signed a contract with her. The only way I can keep myself to think slightly positive about the situation, is to assume that I've already lost my entire deposit. That way I'll be happy if I see a part of it back. That said, I can fully see this ending in a court case if she decides she can take advantage of me in some other way. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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