Just a day

I don't like that a lot of my blogposts start with 'I'. Today I didn't do a lot. I woke up late and had to take care of silly things such as getting accommodation in London. I remember last summer when I moved to London there was a fairly large choice of temporary accommodations on AirBnB, all of them seemingly average. This time the situation went from "they all look average and they're all expensive" to "they all look shit and they're expensive". It took me quite a while to dig up something that looked decent, but a bargain it will not be. There's no bargains in London.

Just as I was about to go out for dinner the already dark sky lit up and a summer thunderstorm erupted. I went out anyway and ate the best sushi I had in years. This followed by some shopping and I'm back in my hotel room, looking outside at the rain again.

My day-night rhythm has been 'classic' as of late. That is to say, it's like my jobless days when I went to bed at 4AM and woke up at 12PM. Incidentally, that seems to be the best rhythm for my days in Japan. Going to bed late means I can call people in the UK when it's early evening, and waking up late means I avoid a lot of the blazing summer heat.

I just realized that I only have 4 days left in Japan. My last day in Japan I will stay at Narita (city) as my flight leaves quite early the next morning, so this Sunday will be my last full day in Atsugi. I still have so many things I want to do. Going to Izu for hiking, doing a random train trip, visiting Odaiba and Shinjuku in Tokyo, climbing OoYama again, cycling to Enoshima, visiting Yokohama, exploring Tokyo more. The weather did limit me a bit in my motivation to do all those things, but all in all I'm very happy with my stay here. I did things at my own pace and enjoyed myself greatly. Now it's time to slowly start thinking about stepping out of the nexus and continuing my real life.

If anything, what I learned from this trip is that Japan is right, accessible whenever I want to go. Nothing will change very quickly. In the case of Holland, even after seven years of not living there, not much has changed. The feel of the place is still the same, and that will never change. Both countries are there for me if I want them, and that's good to know. One month of rest has done me a lot of good, and I feel extremely relaxed right now. I'm sure that will change again once I get back to London and resume my work, but given that the last time I started my job in London I was able to keep my zen for several months, this time will go even better. A holiday is a holiday. You put your life on hold while you have fun elsewhere. But in all honesty I am ready now to go back and resume my life. Time to make things happen again.

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