Miserable? Nope!

Yesterday I blogged about how it was yet another beautiful day. Today.. Today is just one of those days.. It's gray, dark and raining. I am sitting in the only non-dodgy cafe in south harrow looking out at an 'Ali halal' butchers shop while sad looking people with umbrellas pass by in front of me. I just spent over an hour scouring the Internet for an affordable 2-bedroom apartment in the outskirts of London. Without success.

If it were the me from before my summer refresh, I would probably be annoyed right now. I truth, I was annoyed before I left the house. But a change of environment does wonders, even if said environment has a view of Ali halal butchers shop. I am indeed not in the best of situations right now, but I know where I'm headed. Good things are waiting for me, all I have to do is jump society's silly hurdles so get there. I am arrogant enough to consider myself much more competent than the average person around here, so all I have to do is find my way and rise above them. (insert xkcd sheep cartoon here).

I will get an apartment first. Then, a bicycle. Then, a startup. Also, money would be nice. Please give me money.

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