Bike parking trauma

Today I took my new bicycle out to Ealing Common, where I used to live, and where my previous bike was stolen. I was meeting my friends for sushi, and I managed to park the bicycle exactly in front of the window of the sushi place. I had a perfect view of my bike, were it not for the fact the glass was strongly matted and I couldn't really look through it. Unless I stood up, because the glass was not matted a bit higher up.

During the few hours that we were there I had to strongly resist the urge to stand up every minute to check if my bike was still there. Even though I locked it very securely, with a superb lock in the proper position and a strong cable around the front wheel so they can't take the wheel off, I still felt very worried. The new bike is way too shiny and is not really fit for bad neighborhoods. Not that Ealing Common is bad, by the way. If anything, Ealing Common is the best area in Ealing because it's full of Japanese people. At least, that's what I told myself to feel reassured.

In the end though, nothing happened, and the bike was still there when we walked out. I think this marks the first time I've parked my new bicycle outside in public while leaving it unattended. It's something I'll have to keep doing to get used to it again. I guess I should think about proper bike insurance..

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