A day


I went to my local fast-food shop today and bought a nice chicken meal. I had no cash left so I gathered up all my small coins and managed to find enough for a meal. This is not me being poor, this is just me being too lazy to walk to the ATM.

As I paid for my meal, the cashier noticed that one of the coins I paid with, an extremely shiny 2 pound coin, was in fact a new 2013 coin and near-mint. It turns out he collects coins from all over the world. He said that every weekend he goes to car boot sales and buys up whatever coins he can find/afford, and people know him by name and know when to call him when they find good coins. He's aiming to be in the Guinness book of world records, which apparently does not contain a world record yet for the most amount of coins collected.

And I thought: that's really nice. He seriously brightened up when he noticed the near-mint coin. I'm pretty sure I made his day. I hope he gets his record. And I hope that I can be as happy a person as he is.

Don't forget what you have.

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