Barclays employs idiots

Some random Barclays guy called me up in the afternoon and said he wanted to talk to me about my "Day to day banking". When I asked him what it was about he completely ignored me and proceeded to ask me for the last two letters of my mother's maiden name. When I asked why I should tell him that he only said it was to verify my account, so I asked him again if there was some important message related to my account or if this was a marketing email. He repeated that it was about day to day banking and that he would like to give me some 'information'. Since he refused to get into more specifics I told him I was busy and to call back later, after which he aggressively pressed me about exactly when he should call me back.

After telling some friends about this they were sure it was some kind of phishing act, and I almost believed them too, until I got my call back in the evening. This time it was a very nice woman who was polite and friendly and explained to me that the call was about checking if my accounts were up to date and whether there was a way I could save more money with them. Still an unsolicited marketing attempts, but at least she was polite about it and didn't press me when I said I wasn't interested. I hope she becomes the Barclays CEO, then it will surely be a better bank.

I've blogged before about my bad experiences with Barclays, and it's not getting any better. They are by far the worst bank I've ever used (among Dutch, English and Japanese banks). I would not recommend them to anyone, and I will actively discourage my friends from using them.

Perhaps I should start my own bank.

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