It's 4AM

..and my mind is losing coherence, so here's some short thoughts.

I was standing in Euston station today talking to my friend, when suddenly I noticed a 20 pound note on the floor right next to him. It wasn't his, and nobody else claimed it, so I took it home with me. I'm not sure why, but instead of feeling euphoria and happiness about my unexpected luck, I feel as if I've undeservedly gained karma that I am now afraid of losing in some horrible way. I wonder if something bad will happen to me tomorrow.

There are many ways to do programming, and the spectrum between startup mvp hacker dude and enterprise software developer is very wide. There's also the difference between people who organize things internally in their own mind and externally by form of documentation. I will not advocate the internal way of organizing here, but I will say that it requires a way of thinking that people who are intrinsically external-organizing cannot understand. Externals and internals are meant to clash, I guess.

People keep accusing me of acting like an old man. This is true, but in my case, I can reverse the aging process. I believe that my acting is not because I have nearly reached the age of 30, instead it's that I'm reaching maturity in the current (London) stage of my life. Age doesn't matter, stage in life matters, and changing states will reset you.

That being said, I've never really believed that changing location could make me happy. I believe that changing location may help increase the happiness that is already there, but that happiness has to come from somewhere. I think the happiness comes from accepting the situation that you're in and realizing that you can be happy with the way things are, or even if things were infinitely worse. But given that, there's things you could do to make yourself even more happy, such as changing location.

I think I managed to say something incredibly pessimistic and something incredibly optimistic in the same post. Go brain.

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