So, we're here again.

Here I am at Gatwick in that same corner I always go to. Internet still hasn't been sorted out so I'm on my tethered phone's connection, which is more brilliant that any airport's internet will ever get. I quite like waiting for a flight when I'm by myself. It's the perfect moment to think, and flying to a different country is the perfect moment to segment your life, closing off the previous segment and starting a new adventure. It's part of why I love flying. Coming back is another great moment, as you officially start the new segment of your life, plus, every time you come back to where you live, it starts to feel a bit more like home. I've made Japan my home in this way, and the same is now happening with me and the UK. (Despite that, I'm still determined to leave the UK at the end of the year).

Speaking of Japan, Japan is like an airport. After exiting from Narita airport it's like you're still there. Everything is still convenient; there's shops, facilities, toilets everywhere. Most importantly there's that same feeling of safety you get when you're inside an airport terminal. It's that feeling that nothing bad can happen to you and that you were meant to be there. But perhaps that's just me.

I haven't blogged much lately. The reason for that is not that I am depressed or that bad things are happening. It's quite the opposite. My life has been going so incredibly smoothly that there's just nothing to report. I'm just grinding away to get more money and leveling up my skills while I'm at it. It doesn't make for an exciting life-blog, I know. I remember the time in my life when there was a different crisis every month and I would sway from one extreme to the other, but things have stabilized a lot lately. I'm not sure if other people have this too, but sometimes I feel that my life is just too stable. I feel the need to do something extreme to mess it up, just so I can have a new major challenge or problem in my life to solve. It's like the firefighter who's starting fires just so he can earn fame for extinguishing them. I've managed to avoid acting on it so far, but I can't deny that if a crisis or major problem does enter my life, a part of me will be strangely pleased with the challenge. But I'm not stupid enough to tempt fate.

Well, not too much, anyway.

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