I am building a space game

I'm feeling the need to do some programming for fun rather than for profit, so I've started writing something very obscure and unfinishable: a browser-based space 'game'. It's far from fit for sharing with the world, but I felt like blogging about it anyway. There isn't really any game-like concept yet. I just started building the universe. I want to build something grand, even if it never gets finished, and I want to build it my way. No worries about what's the right strategy to monetize the product, no worrying about having tests or high code quality because it's a big project and other developers will read it. It doesn't mean I'm writing shit code all the time, although it does kind of mean that I'm writing shit code some of the time. But no one will tell me off about it and I can refactor it whenever I feel like it. It also feels great not having to discuss any technical decisions with anyone else. Just for once, I am doing a no-compromise project. And I'm loving it.

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