Every morning at 6:30 my housemate wakes up and starts doing the dishes in the kitchen right next to my bedroom. Then around 7:30 the street cleaning truck drives past right underneath my window, which tends to be closed but lately is open because of the heat. Even when closed I can hear the truck clearly though. In the evening there's loud music and the sound of dodgy people loudly swearing on the streets. Yes, England is just wonderful.

But you need earplugs.

Not much to say here. I've tried 3 types. Here's the verdict.

  • Gel earplugs: one-time use only, they feel disgusting and fell out quite easily.
  • Wax earplugs: one-time use only, kinda hard to put in and slightly painful at first, but they really drown out the noise well.
  • Plain old foam earplugs: reusable, washable, decent noise reduction and easy to put in. Recommended.
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