Stop being lazy, dude

Right, I had another break day. Hardly anything to report, but I feel I should write something anyway to keep the chain going. After yesterday's ride I found that the muscles in my abdomen hurt a little, most likely because I was using them a lot to push myself up at low cadence while sitting down. It seems that my leg muscles are fine but the rest of my body has yet to catch up. The same goes for that other bit of the body that connects with the saddle.. After readjusting the saddle for comfort, my sitting position has become a lot more vertical, so my butt has a lot more to endure. It seems that my current limit before butthurt is about 50km. Hopefully that'll go up as I get more butt-trained.

I should've departed today if the hotel had let me change the reservation. Having too much time on my hands is really not good. It makes me think about all kinds of things I should be doing at home that I am in no reasonable position to solve or even worry about right now. Oh well, I guess I'll cherish this moment of physical recovery and mental wandering, because tomorrow the trip starts for real. Unknown territory. Terrifying climbs. New and improved attempts at camping. Not much can go wrong, as long as my body holds up.

I have one mission: to get to Wakkanai. Nothing else matters. No bullshit. Just me on a bicycle.

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