Real estate around London

If you ever wanted to be in hell, try finding a good rental apartment near London. I'm trying to be tolerant, but the quality of life I would even take for granted living in a tiny apartment in the outskirts of Tokyo is impossible to find for even double the price anywhere near London. Prices have gone so far past common sense that they've even passed the limits of  my "if you want something good, be prepared to pay for it" attitude. It's just not worth it. Living in a room in someone else's flat is half the price of owning your own studio or one-bedroom apartment, at least if you want something decent. Trying to find an apartment means weeding out at least half of the ads because they're made by filthy profiteering assholes trying to get a shitload of money for their shithole of a place, while the other half of the ads will be placed by estate agents who will subtly forget to mention some fatal flaw that will cause you to not want it, which you'll only realize after viewing the actual apartment. This is so poorly done in the UK, yet everyone gets away with it because everybody's just that desperate to live in London. Shameful. Fucking shameful.

I'm still looking for a place. I've visited three places now: one got taken away right from under my nose by another guy viewing it with me at the same time, the other two were cheap-ish but just not enough of a step up compared to what I have now. If there's anything I've learned after months of searching, it's that there are no deals, no bargains to be had. Every property is priced at its 'right' value in the market. If the property hasn't sold after a few days, there's something wrong with it. Good properties, even at batshit insane prices, sell within days or even hours. Quickness is of the essence if you want a good place. Even paying more won't help you that much; if you've got a reasonably tight set of search criteria, prices for apartments will be fixed with a 50GBP/month difference at most. Or you can take a spin at the big wheel of apartment roulette and go for a private let, which I still believe is the only way to get a better-than-average deal around London, although it requires a lot more people knowledge, reading between the lines and may take a while until you find a suitable landlord.

Or, you could do us all a favor and get the fuck out of London.

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