Infinite loop of the head full of snot

Maybe I should play Minecraft, but my PC keeps running out of memory. I've been considering buying a second machine for a home server, to host media and other things like Minecraft. So I head out to Amazon and Tom's Hardware to check reviews and prices. Then I decide that I don't really need one just yet. Maybe I should check in with work like I said I would, but my head is full of snot and I wouldn't be able to concentrate on problems, so there's really no point. Maybe I should do something random like going out for a cycle. Yes, going out for a cycle sounds nice, especially because my head is full of snot and I haven't cycled in months, making it an utterly random, irresponsible thing to do. Can't go wrong with that. Except that it's about to rain. Oh well, I guess I'll stay inside then. Maybe I should play Minecraft..

Unsnot yourself faster, head..

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