Responsiveness and Patreon!

As you may have noticed from the blinding orange link at the top of this page, I am now on Patreon :)

That said, I am fully aware that this is a personal blog with personal content, but on the off chance that someone enjoys my writing and would like to support me, I thought Patreon provides quite a nice way to do that. I'm perfectly happy to never get anything from Patreon and will still continue blogging, as I have done for the past 11 years. Yes, it's been 11 years.. Interestingly that makes this blog the longest-lasting thing/activity/venture that I have in life. With possible exception of my iPod classic, those things last forever.

Creating a Patreon page was quite interesting. It really forced me to think further than 'It would be great if people could throw money at me for writing silly stuff like this'. I had to think about what value this blog creates, what topics are the most likely things people want to see, and what is the best way to take payment. It didn't make sense to offer payment per blogpost, since I would forfeit my freedom to write silly things that I wouldn't dare ask people money for. Monthly contribution seems to make more sense. I assumed that of my writings, the cycling trip day-by-day travel reports are probably the most interesting to read, so any funding I get on Patreon will likely go to the cycling cause.

As a secondary effect, every time I think about increasing public exposure of this blog I get nervous about its quality. I can't do much about the content after it's been written, but I can do something about the styling and user-friendliness. So yesterday I wrote some css that will hopefully make this blog a lot more mobile-friendly. It's still nowhere near perfect, but it'll have to do for now.

Random life thing: I'm supposed to be preparing for the upcoming cycling trip later this month but instead I'm currently experiencing quite possibly the worst cold I've ever had in my life. I'm feeling myself start to recover, but it'll be a few more days until I'm back to normal. I've got some ideas for posts lined up but nothing written down yet. There'll be something new here soon. Stay tuned!


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