I am in Tokyo and nothing went as planned. ANA London was not right about the bike going straight through to Kitakyushu so I had to pick it up after going through customs and check it in again. That would have been easy had the domestic check-in been in the same terminal.

Well, it was, actually, but it was the wrong one. When I tried to check in there they told me I had to go to terminal 1. So I carried my bike, two panniers and backpack to the shuttle bus, asked where to go for ANA domestic check in, and they told me to go terminal 2. Much confuse. I ended up trusting the bus person and going to terminal 2, but that turned out to be the wrong decision. Apparently all of ANAs flights except my one depart from terminal 2. So I had to take the bus to terminal 1.

I arrived sweaty and frustrated. Fortunately the check-in people at ANA/Star Flyer were extremely helpful and treated my bike with the utmost care. Sadly though, when I reached the gate it was announced that the flight was delayed for one and a half hours. I would have already had a late arrival at the hotel but now it's going to be really late. There won't be any bike building today..

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