I love dreaming. Whenever I can, I try to do lucid dreaming, although I only succeed in that rarely (and mostly on weekends). When I have an interesting dream in the middle of the night, I replay it in my conscious mind before going back to sleep again, so that I'll remember it when I eventually wake up. For dreams that happen right before waking up permanently, they always came back to me about half an hour after waking up. Sometimes I'm in a train going to work, sometimes I'm having breakfast in a hotel, and then suddenly I remember my last dream in clear detail.

The really interesting or emotional dreams I write down in a dream-log, to keep track of the things I dream of most and the things that keep recurring in some form of other. I often dream of places I visited in my childhood, despite having no strong (conscious emotional connection to it any more in my current life. A similar pattern happens with people: people I've met ages ago and sometimes haven't seen for years often occur/recur in my dreams, whereas the people who are currently in my life rarely show up. Perhaps it takes my subconscious a very (very) long time to process the introduction of new people in my life? Strange.

Trying to explain my dreams is another great pasttime. Sometimes they are really easy to explain. For example, last night I dreamed about a friend I had seen online just before I went to bed. In the dream, this friend was in some kind of trouble, which clearly correlated with the message she sent about the hurricane approaching New York, where she lives. In the dream my subconscious completely twisted that information out of warp though, and changed it into a very wacky situation where her bicycle was broken and we had to take the bus instead. And rather than a hurricane, there was massive snowfall instead.

Those dreams are easy to explain, but every once in a while I have a dream that mixes locations, persons and situations that have no connection at all. For example, I once dreamed about an ex-girlfriend killing my mother by blowing up her caravan. As I chased her I ran into an army of nazis. How peculiar is that? And there was no just-before-sleep event that had any relation to the dream either. I wonder if the just-before-sleep things you do only trigger dreams you have right before awakening. Or perhaps those dreams you get right before you wake up are just the ones you remember the most strongly.

Ah, I like weekends. Plenty of chances to dream.

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