(Thank you all for your positive reactions to my news! I'll post an update about the trip soon :) )

Perhaps you have heard of the greatest unsolved problem in all of history. It is of course the problem of iTunes not being able to create playlist folders on an iPod when manually managing music. I've reported on this issue before, and I'm sad to see that there's no sign of any solution from Apple yet, proving to me once more that Apple is evil and disgusting and we should all stop buying their overpriced products, even though their products are stylish and great and even though I actually like some of them.

Anyway, back to the stupid playlist issue. I came across this thread which offered a (rather nasty) solution to the problem:

1 - Sync with itunes 2 - Make the folders in iTunes, make as many as you can, with playlists inside (not shure if the playlists need to contain tracks, in my case there were tracks inside the playlists) 3 - Turn on 'Manualy manage music' (I did it on another computer) 4 - Hope it will work for you

Now I have ~ 300 folders, I CANNOT create new ones but I can move them, rename them, etc. It's a completely different experience. I hate having 1000 albums visible in the program which I use only for managing my iPod content. I use foobar for listening (it can play every possible music format including apple lossless)

(Note also how the Chris person in that thread is completely indoctrinated by Apple, almost unable to believe that there are actually people who don't want to do things the Apple way. Kudos to the original poster for the excellent (and very subtly sarcastic) way of handling the situation.)

Yes, it's a caveman solution, but it's still way better than Apple's solution, because they don't have any. Note that you'll have to sync with iTunes first before this will work, so you will lose all of your music if you don't have it on your PC any more. This is no problem for all of us sitting at home at our main PC, but if you're traveling and don't have access to your main collection then this might slightly piss you off. You didn't think about that, did you, Apple?

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iTunes is crap!

I've said it before, and I will say it once more: iTunes is shit! I don't want to sync my iPod to my PC. iTunes supports that, and it lets me create playlists on the iPod just fine, but then it won't let me create playlist folders. It does let me move my existing playlist folders, but then it doesn't let me move them back to where they were. This post may seem calm, but I am really quite pissed off. This is what happens if you're at the shit-end of a popular company. If you want to do things any way that's different from theirs, then you're screwed.

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