NFS Shift 2 is the worst racing game ever

I thought I'd try a new racing game, hoping I could play on my keyboard somewhat casually while I wait for my racing wheel to arrive. Need for Speed Shift 2 was the worst possible choice. It's full of bullshit and I just got so frustrated and pissed off with it that I uninstalled after 10 minutes of trying to play it. HATE.

The default view is the 'helmet' cam, which automatically looks into the corner for you as you approach it. This is hugely disorienting as it makes you think you've already turned in when in fact you haven't. You can try to correct, but the keyboard controls have a massive lag in them, making the game pretty much unplayable with the keyboard. You might say that this is to improve realism as I'm sure it works fine with a steering wheel, but if I had a steering wheel I'd be playing a proper racing sim and not this piece of drizzle.

But the thing that turned me off the most is the disgusting American (MURCN) sauce on everything. Fifty fucking disclaimers about how you can't race on the road, stupid intro sequences that are semi-unskippable (you can skip but it still takes a few seconds before the game allows you to skip), and the very worst thing is the idiot redneck voice that keeps shouting in my helmet to "Respect your opponents, man!", "You're doing good, man!", "You gotta go faster, man!". If I wanted to hear idiot comments about driving I'd watch nascar.

Disgusting. Rubbish. Uninstalled. Never again.

For some proper racing sims, check out netKar pro, C.A.R.S. and Assetto Corsa. LFS and rFactor aren't half-bad either and both a lot more fun than shitty NFS.

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