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I was about 5 kilometers south of Kagoshima yesterday, so it was a relaxed trip towards the city center today. I cycled around the port area and wandered around the city a bit. I used my time today to take care of a bunch of loose ends, and most of the things I wanted to do are done, except that I can't transfer my money back to Holland because the banks are closed on weekends, which is stupid.

In the afternoon I met Nishi to talk about our plans to travel to Yakushima. He took me to his place, and kindly offered me a place to stay. Excellent! Nishi has some awesome cool stuff in his place like a 3d mouse, an awesome desk chair that doesn't make you want to get up ever again and even an iPad! I am liking the iPad more than I want to admit...

In the late afternoon I went out again and took this timelapse of Sakurajima. Unlike last time there's no focus problems or exposure issues, but the upload to Youtube seems to have reduced the quality a lot. I found out that the battery of an S90 lasts for about two hours when taking a photo every 10 seconds. I spent my time reading a book while the camera was taking photos. During the time lapse I had two weird encounters with old men. They both tried to start a conversation with me on separate occassions, and both times they started mumbling to themselves and spoke in such a weird accent that I lost track of what they were saying. Strange.

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Time lapsing with the S90

Now that the CHDK firmware is available for the S90 I can try my hand at some time lapse videos.

The focus went a bit wonky when it got dark. Next time I'll put it on manual focus instead.

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Gait der haart vandeur!

Cycled to the beach today. Did not realize there was a tsunami expected until after I saw the fire trucks. Don't know what they were doing though. There were lots of people on the beach walking their dog or just looking out in general, maybe waiting for the tsunami. I left before anything happened though.

I'm trying out the circular polarizer filter that I bought a couple of weeks ago, but so far I can hardly see any difference, even when the conditions for using a CP are supposedly very good. I think  I need to play with it a bit more..

(Yes, I know I'm supposed to rotate the filter to get the best effect... -__-)

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