Rainy sunday

I'm kind of bored, so for a change I'll try writing a blogpost in English. I didn't do this before because my parent's English is worse than their Dutch, and they'd prefer it if I write in Dutch. If I hear no complaints from them about this post I'll try it out for a while longer :)

Important news: I finally found which fecking key causes my keyboard to switch to the Chinese layout: the backslash :x That is, the key which normally would be a backslash if the keys actually corresponded to the character on screen. Which they don't. The ']' key is the actual backslash, and the \ key is the key that screws my keyboard layout. The correct solution ofcourse would be to fix the layout by either installing the right drivers or selecting the right keyboard layout in windows, so I just pried the key out with a screwdriver :) Hurray for easy solutions.

In one of my first blogposts I actually spoke about the Java game I'd been working on before I came to Japan, saying it was almost finished and I would put it online soon. That's been 5 months now, and I completely forgot about it :O There's almost no info about the game online. This is the only page I found that has some useful info about it. Since I had a lot of free time before I came to Japan, I was busy making a Java port for the J2ME platform, so it would work on the mobile phone.

Ofcourse, the game would have all the features of the original, plus all kinds of cool multiplayer support. In fact, the basic functions of the game are finished, but there's a lot of extra functionality to add and bugs to solve. I looked at the engine code today, for the first time since 5 months, and it quite sucks :'( Fortunately, the multiplayer code is finished, and it definitely works over the Internet, and it should work over bluetooth as well, but I never had the resources to test it with more than one bluetooth device, so I have no idea if it works with more than one device..

Today we were actually going to Tokyo to watch the sakura trees and the crazy Japanese people that traditionally accompany them at this time of the year, but it was raining, so my sense of self-preservation told me it was better to stay at home, otherwise I'll melt. Maybe I can try again next weekend. Unfortunately I don't have much spare time the coming weeks because I have to work saturdays as well, which is exactly what I did yesterday. It's interesting to work in an office meant for 60 people when it's completely empty. At first it's fun, then it's boring, and then it's creepy. I kept hearing strange noises from behind me while I was working, and I had to turn around every minute to make sure Owa-san wasn't secretly checking up on me to see if I was really working :O Anyway, I'm quite sure now that my productivity actually increases somewhat when I have nobody to talk to :D (at least when programming in Java, that is).

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