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I hereby demonstrate to you the awesome power of babelfish in combination with a language that apparently translates even worse than Japanese, even though it's retardedly similar to german, english and just about every other germanic language, so you'd think the bastards @ babelfish wouldn't have a problem with this language. I would threaten to invade their country and take over the world but the most offensive weapon we have is Ayaan Hirsi Ali and we're deporting her.. Anyway, here's a translation of parts of the previous post, first by me and then my babelfish. I deeply apologise for my country and my language. Maybe.

Well no, not exactly 'doing nothing'. I'm working hard enough at work to cause myself a headache sometimes, but that's because I've been only programming for the last couple of days. That will change soon, though. I've got big plans at home: I want to buy all kinds of things (pan, iron, extra closet), things to pack to send to the Netherlands, try to cook an actual meal sometimes and sending job application letters to Dutch companies. It obviously goes without saying that I've only been watching anime and movies for the last couple of days without doing any of the above.

Nou yes, not entirely nothing of course, at the work I continue working this way hard that I get there head pain of, but that comes because I am only for programming the last time. That changes, however, rapidly enough. At home I have large plans: I want buy all kinds of things (pan, strijkijzer, extra kastje), things wrap up to send to the Netherlands, normally to try cook and what sends application letters to the Netherlands for if my contract has expired. It goes thus without saying that my occupations exist here especially from Anime and films look at and further nothing:X

Saturday Sumo! ... Two almost nakes fat guys groping each other in front of an audience. If you put it that way you can't help but think it's obvious that it was the Japanese who invented it. Apart from that it was quite nice and rather impressive. I do think I would rather have gone to a football game (in Holland).

Saturday Sumo! Sumo sumo! Two dikke kerels who almost naked each other for palpating to be for a very general public. If you say it this way then must it simply considered be by Japaneses. Apart from that was best nice, and rather impressive. I must, however, say that I had gone probably rather to a football game (in the Netherlands then).

Before the sumoshow I've been with Aaron to Akihabara to buy all kinds of stuff and to spend my hardearned(and hard lost due to the exchange rate) creditcard money. Which worked quite well since the DVD-store finally had some new english-subtitled anime. Besides that I also bought some manga and an artbook, which was quite 'dodgy' when I finally opened it back home (for the exact meaning of the term dodgy combined with Akihabara I refer you to the guy in front of me in the line for the register, who had a bag full of porn books). If I would send that artbook to the Netherlands my parents would get quite a strange encounter with Japanese culture. A good reason to keep it here for now.. :x

For sumo-en I have been moreover with Aaron to Akihabara all kinds of buy disorder and my acid-changed money of my credit card to make up. That appeared quite, succeed because Dvd-winkel have at last new engels-ondertitelde DVDs. Except that I have still what notebooks bought, and artbook, which were moreover free ' doubtful ' then I him once burst. If I send that to the Netherlands then my parents can realise a free strange example of Japanese culture in any case. Hence that I leave him still but just as here:x

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