How about an English update for a change? It's been over a week and a lot has happened since then. My best friend, Yu Huan, has left for China, and another good friend, Marco, will be leaving soon. It's frustrating, but it also gives me a chance to get closer to the new guys and the older guys.

So, after 3 parties in a row last week we had the company barbecue on saturday (which I only vaguely remember because I saw Yu Huan off at 7 in the morning at the bus stop...), and we made some plans to go to Nikko, one of Japans many famous templetowns, about 2,5 hours north of Tokyo. We planned the trip at saturday night and left sunday morning. That should be how it's done :)

Nikko was great. I want to say more than that but I'm too lazy. I saw temples, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs and monkeys, so all in all it was quite nice. Ofcourse I had some nice traveling companions as well, from left to right: Zach from the USA, me, Matthieu from France and Tor from Sweden. The trip was a refreshing change from the boring work weeks in Atsugi, and it really refreshed me. That was yesterday though, and today I'm back in boring work mode..

The end of october will be my one year anniversary in Japan. It has really been the best year of my life. I would be a completely different person right now if I had stayed in Holland. All in all I'm quite happy with the change, and very happy with all the people I have met here. The rant ends here, the next post will be in Dutch again, so prepare yourself for babelfish's crappy translation for next time.

note in Dutch about the group photo at the top
Dit is een groepsfoto van ons allemaal, de ouden en de nieuwen. Rechts
van mij is Ning Ning (China), rechts daarvan is in het zwart Yu Huan
(China) en in het wit Zach (VS). Boven Yu Huan is Alvaro (Spanje/VS), en
links van hem is Owa-san, onze baas. Links van Owa-san is Hiroki (ook
Japans), en links daarvan (boven mij) is Marco (Italiaan). En ja, ik
weet dat ik mijn ogen dicht had... Linksboven Marco is franse Matthieu,
met een bril op. Het kleine gezicht tussen Matthieu en Marco is de
nieuwe Matthieu, uit Canada. Boven alles uit steekt Domi, mijn
'technical advisor' uit Duitsland. Boven Hiroki is Daniel, een nieuwe
Zweed. Daarnaast June, uit Korea, en in het blauw Martin, uit Engeland.
Helemaal rechts zijn Pedro (Portugal) en Takako (Japans).

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