Amusing yourself

I booked the trip to Holland! I will go back the 16th of December, to spend a couple of weeks in calm and quiet Holland. At least it's calm and quiet where I live. I'm not planning much, just going to relax and not think about Japan for a while. To me it feels more like a holiday than going home. By house and my work is here. I will have a chance to relax and get some proper sleep for a chance :)

It's starting to get cold here. No more roof parties for a while. It's still better than in Holland though. I've decided to change my life a bit here a bit. I could use a serious diet for a change, and I need to go to the gym more. And I really, really need to get a proper sleeping rhythm. I haven't had a normal week since before September, when everybody started to leave Japan. I should really go to bed at a normal time each day, and have a good rest in the weekends. I'll try to get it this month.

Work. I still have it. A lot. Enough to do for several years if I really want to. But not really in the mood to work a lot lately. My working pace has fallen a lot since I first came here. Partly my own fault, partly the fault of the situation at the company. When I arrived here a year ago I could sometimes sit in front of my PC only doing programming for the entire afternoon. Now there are lot more interruptions (right Kamil? :P) and there's a lot of different things I should pay attention to. It's kind of hard to stay focused on one thing for a long time. I think this will improve in the coming months though, after the new people get more accustomed to the working environment. My 'boss' has a nice policy: Turn off email, messaging systems, put on headphones and ignore everyone from 3 to 5 in the afternoon. I should try that.

Fun stuff then: we are planning to shoot a movie :) Crazy idea, but some of us thought of a great action story which we would like to try to film in Atsugi. So far we only have a main actress, 3 actors, a cameraman and a very rough and stupid plot, but I think it could work. It's not like I have much else to do in my free time here anyway :D We'll see if we can make something out of this..

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