Het regent zonnestralen

Leuk liedje is dat. Mijn favoriete Nederlandstalige nummer.

Ik begin me af te vragen voor wie ik deze blog nog bijhoud. Is het voor mijn ouders, die ik elke week bel? Of voor mijn echt goede vrienden in Japan, met wie ik elke dag of elke week wel contact heb? En of mijn 'niet zo goede' vrienden mijn blog bekijken dat interreseert me eigenlijk vrij weinig. Ik kom tot de conclusie dat ik mijn blog bijhoud voor twee groepen vrienden: mijn vrienden in Nederland met wie ik weinig contact meer heb en mijn vrienden die eerst in Japan waren, maar nu weer zijn vertrokken naar iets nieuws.

I've got so much things I want to do, and so little willpower for any... Going to the gym for example. I really should go, because my subscription will end in December. And I need to go on a diet. And we should make a movie. And I need to finish some work before I go to Holland. I need to renew my phone contract, I need to get new insurance, I need to buy stuff before I go back to Holland. It's not a problem of time, it's just that I'm lazy as hell lately and I don't feel like doing anything during the week. And in weekends I've been busy doing fun stuff and canceling out my during-the-week-attempts at a diet...

Other than that there's not much news. I'm still working at Asahi Kasei. Got promoted to technical advisor this month, I think. I'm not sure, because nobody told me anything and I'm still doing exactly the same work as I did before. They pay me more money now, so I won't complain I guess. I'm looking for new options for next year. I already investigated the option of going back to Holland to do a master, but I need some more choices for next year. I'm quite sure I can stay at AK longer if I want to, so that's 2 options so far. I've also sent my CV to 'some big company that operates in Holland and Japan', for which I would very much like to work, since such a company can make me stay longer in Japan and still be useful for me when I return to the Netherlands.

Long weekend next weekend. Thursday is a national holiday and most people at work are taking a day off on friday to go somewhere for four days. I will not take friday off, so I will be one of the few guys remaining here for the weekend. I haven't decided what to do yet. Maybe I'll just stay at home. Watch anime, and/or study Japanese for a change. I might actually try to start learning it after one year. I don't feel I improved that much since I came here, and my weak points are still the same..

Random quote of the day:
"Freedom is secured not by the fulfilling of one's desires, but by the removal of desire."
I don't like this quote at all, but it does give me something very interesting to think about..

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