Which color was it again? ^_^

Week days are boring and weekends are fun. How normal. Lately I'm beginning to notice my life returning to normal, even for Dutch standards. I'm doing normal stuff. I suddenly noticed this when we were buying presents for the birthday party last friday, when we visited a store that looked exactly like a Dutch store which I used to visit a lot, to get cheap stuff from. Also, for some reason, my Japanese has been at the same level for the last couple of weeks/months, but I'm suddenly noticing that it has actually improved since when I first came here.

So, a party last friday. Four birthdays :) I'm starting to feel that even these parties are a monthly routine now, which could use some change. Ofcourse, I'm leaving to the Netherlands in two weeks, and many people will not be here for the Christmas holidays, so this party was one of the last ones for me, at least for a while. The party was good, and it was only 3 when I went to bed.

..which means I didn't get that much sleep for the hiking trip on saturday. We were meeting at the station at 10, but I was not exactly clear on whether that was the train station or the bus station, so there was a bit of confusion. Eventually we all found each other and we went hiking. The hike itself was not that lang and not that difficult, but still fun. We were walking slowly, talking and just having fun. After a while we ended up at the exact same road we took towards the lake a couple of months ago. Funny.

Dutch people. Besides me there's 2 other Dutch guys around here. I don't really talk to one, and I seriously don't get along with the other guy, but I think that's more his fault than mine. The guy has a serious attitude problem. Still, it kind of frustrates me that I cannot get along well with everyone, especially if they are from the same country as me. I guess that's just me being naive. The first guy I seriously don't like in Japan is the guy from Holland. Bummer. As for the other guy, I don't talk with him much. Martin told me he tried to talk to him, but he thought the guy was a German so he talked to him in German. The guy never talked back. Figures.

Sunday was nice. My first really nice long sleep in a couple of months. I needed that. In the afternoon I went to Machida with some friends, and we had a really nice dinner. Russian roulette pizza. It's a cheese and tomato pizza, where one of the slices is really spicy. So spicy that it almost kills you. It tastes great, so we ordered another one where all of the slices were spicy. The waiter came to our table a couple of times to ask if we were okay, because apparently we looked like we were suffering a lot. I like suffering. Great pizza.

There's a lot more I'd like to talk about, and I'd love to put some crazy 'I like [..] too' movies on my blog, or some maid cosplay pictures, but I guess certain people would kill me if I did that... ^_^

Ohaio gozaimasu!

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