From one cold place...

Tomorrow I'm leaving Holland again to go back to Japan. I have to say I'm kind of happy to go back. Why? The last 9 days have been great. It's great to be back with my parents, and even Holland nice, after a couple of days of adjusting from Japanese culture to Dutch culture. I don't know which I prefer. I guess both cultures have their pro's and cons. But I realised that the reason that I'm so happy to go back has nothing to do with the culture, or the country. It's just that my life lies in Japan, and not in Holland. I have friends here, but they are childhood friends who have their own lives here. I don't. The only thing I have in Holland is my parent's life. Before I build up my own life in Holland, after I return for a longer time, I will have my home in Japan. That's fine with me. I like my life there a lot more than the life I used to have in Holland before I left. But I'm sure I can have this kind of life again in Holland after I return.

While I've been standing still in Holland for a week life has moved on in Japan. And I will get back into the rhythm of Japan the hard way. I leave Holland on Wednesday, arrive in Japan on Thursday, and leave for a trip to Hokkaido on Friday. A nice way to do crazy things, which I only seem to do in Japan by the way. I'm quite different in Holland. After that it's back to work again, until July at least, but I'm considering staying longer.

I was thinking a lot about my future, and the choices I'm supposed to make at this time in my life, and before I came to Holland I could not reach any useful decision or conclusion. I arrived in Holland, and it took me only one morning to make up my mind. I know exactly what I want now. I do not know if I can get exactly what's in my mind right now, but I know what to fight for. It's a good feeling.

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