Trusting people

The last couple of months I keep on being told that I'm too easy in trusting people, and that I should be more careful. People might take advantage of you if you trust them too easily. For example, would you give all your personal information, including how much money you make, your contract, everything, to a friend you've only known for a couple of months, and then lend your room (which contains all your personal belongings and private things) to a couple of strangers you have never even met? If you put it this way it sounds quite naive. Still, it's exactly what I did. I didn't think about it much at all actually, until just before I came back to my room. I was suddenly wondering in what state my room would be when I got back. Just a little bit of doubt. When I finally arrived at my room I was relieved. It was neat, tidy, and there were some Chinese cookies left on my desk. Thank you very much, Y&L, and Kamil too of course. Not only for the cookies, but also for confirming that I'm not wrong in trusting people :) Happy new year!

Besides that I've been to Hokkaido. Way too much happened to write here right now, and I have to go to work in a couple of minutes, so I'll summarize the stuff later. I should have done it sooner, but I've been feeling really sick for the last couple of days, so the only thing I did was sleep and feel bad :( Anyway, I'm getting better now, and looking forward more than ever to the new year :)

"I'd rather be naive than cynical"

(although being cynical can be quite fun sometimes)

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