Life, and habits, and stuff

Habits. The stuff you do every day. Like going to the same place for lunch every day, or taking a break exactly at 4 o'clock every day to go to the convenience store. Lately I'm breaking my habits and doing stuff out of the ordinary. Actually, my life has been crazy since a couple of weeks before I went back to Holland, and it hasn't been the 'normal' since then. I'm just going from one crazy phase into another. And every time when life seems to settle down another crazy thing happens.

Someone says I think too much about life. Why? I like to think about stuff. I like to be an idealist. I like to try to see the world in black and white. What if nobody had secrets? What if everybody could be nice to each other? I'd like to imagine a world like that, and sometimes I will try some thought experiment in real life to make my world more like this world. But sometimes I'm just kicked back into the real world, and I realize that the world is not so simple. Of course I know that. But thinking about life is my hobby. Other people like to build model airplanes, I like to think about life. So what? It's a nice hobby, I think. I don't think it's a problem for my lifestyle. I can live my life quite well, and I don't think I'm naive. There's a difference between being naive and idealistic. An idealist does realize that the world is not so simple. I like to step out of my life sometimes, and look at it from a different, idealistic, point of view. But at crucial times I have to be realistic, and look at life from a realists point of view.

My life is my life. Looking at my life is my hobby. This does not affect my ability to make decisions in life. It helps me rather, because I can look at it from two different ways: the idealistic way and the realistic way.

Enough seriousness. Here's some stupid pictures.

No, that's not a huge orange. The Japanese are experts at miniaturization. Even the banana's are smaller in Japan. Note also the text on the chocolate: "The very delicious chocolate. Be happy with this chocolate".

This is a picture of Optimus Prime on a horse with yoghurt on the background. I don't know why.

Now, I think I am going to write a letter :)

(this post did not make any sense because I am crazy and sleep deprived)

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