The love of my life

The love of my life. I should talk about this for once, because I never give her proper credit. She never abandons me. I can always rely on her. We always travel to nice places together. I've known her ever since I came to Japan. We only had problems once. It took some patching, but after that our relationship was better than ever, and we've never had any problems since then. I go to work with her everyday. Sometimes I neglect her, and she's been making squeaky sounds since a couple of months. She doesn't know how to stop. Her makeup is falling off. She's not as 'together' anymore now. She's getting old. When I bought her she was brand new. Now she's showing signs of wear. I know everbody's wondering about who I'm talking about. I've added a picture of her. Still the love of my life :D

(as you can see, it's clearly a 'she'-bike o_0 )
I bought her the third day I came to Japan. At a big department store for 11.000 yen, which translates to about 75 euro's with the current crappy exchange rate. In hindsight I could have bought a cheaper bike somewhere else, or a second-hand bike, or I could just have waited until someone left, which would get me a free bike. One day after I bought my bike, I took the newly arrived Jose to the same place, where he bought the same bike as me. Lately everyone's bike has been breaking down a lot. Except for these two bikes. They always work :)

Here's some random pics I took recently.

Atsugi's station. It's called Hon Atsugi, which sorta mean 'main station of Atsugi'. There's another station but it's crappy and nobody goes there.

Somewhere in Tokyo. Nice buildings.

Akihabara at dusk. It looked quite surrealistic in real life. The picture just looks strange.

Optimus Prime greets you from the top of my PC at work!

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