Such a slow weekend. Not much to do at all. I had a great sleep, and for the first in months I finally remembered what I dreamed about, and I'm sure that they were pleasant :) I found quite a bit of joy in that, strangely enough. Of course, that's because back in Holland I had a lot of free time, and I slept in a lot. It wasn't uncommon for me to sleep until noon almost every day during my study years. I would say my life is a lot less relaxed now, but I still can't complain much. In fact, in some ways my life hasn't changed much at all from my life in Holland. I've changed a lot, but my base personality hasn't changed at all. I guess I'm happy about that :)

I slept until 14:00 both Saturday and Sunday. I didn't do much at all, except watching some movies, doing some laundry and cleaning my room. I'm still planning the trip to China. I'll book a ticket next week, and I'll get the visa too. Then I will need to really start doing stuff, like booking a hotel, planning my time there, finding information, getting a Chinese phrasebook :O I will not be able to speak Chinese, but I need to be sure that I'll survive in China by myself. And I"ll be careful that my stuff will NOT get stolen, even though my Chinese friends keep telling me that I'll lose everything because I'm not careful enough... I"ll prove them wrong!

So much stuff to do still in Japan. Don't know when I'm leaving yet. But to be honest, all the things I really wanted to see I have seen already. Hokkaido. Matsushima. Kyoto. Hiroshima. Okinawa. All other trips from now are just side trips I guess. The main attractions I've seen already. Although I could go to Okinawa again, and I haven't visited the two south islands of Japan. Also, I want to go to Sado, an island on the north coast of Japan.

And now for something completely unrelated: here's some anime recommendations:

Black Lagoon! Violent, funny, and very similar to your average US action movie. But very much over the top, and the series is as much an action series as it is a parody on action series. It's a great watch if you don't want too much to think about.

Uninhabited Planet Survive (or Mujin Wakusei Survive in Japanese). A children's show about a group of children getting stuck on an uninhabited island on an uninhabited planet. Very light story, great for studying Japanese and a lot of fun to watch. A bit childish, but overall very feel-good. Has some unexpected plot twists, but not that much.

Kino's travels (Kino no Tabi). This one's great. It's like a series of short fairytales, told by Kino, a traveler who travels around in a great fictional world with very strange countries inside. Each country has a different story. It's great to discover how each countries story unravels, and how it's related to other countries. This is an anime for adults. It does not contain much action, but will present your mind with interesting things to think about. I highly recommend this, and it's one of my absolute favorites.

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