Medical checkup

Every year the company requires you to do a medical checkup. This medical checkup is presented to you in the form of a classic RPG quest. First you are handed some items: a form in a strange language and a small plastic bottle. Then you are given your quest: On March 13 at 14:00 you will embark on your quest for the holy grail! Well, this quest might not be as noble as searching for the holy grail, butit does give you a chance to pee in a small plastic bottle, one of my life long goals..

This quest is not just for anyone! You need to be in top condition, and as proof of worthiness you are not allowed to eat or drink anything except water starting from the evening before the start of the quest. It is truly an ultimate test of a man's abilities.

You are given a mission. Go to the 19th floor, and find the sign that says letter G. There you will meet up with your fellow quest companions, and proceed with the first part of the mission. At the end of each mission you are given the location and goal of the next mission. This continues for a couple of hours, until we meet the final boss just outside of the AXT Tower. This boss is fearsome and fights you with an X-Ray gun. Last year I fought valiantly and managed to defeat him in the end.

Tired and hungry after my long quest, I await the reward. Some box of gold coins maybe? Or a special item? Alas no, the reward consists entirely of a visit to the conbini to pick up some health potions to restore my hit points, which decreased quite a lot after not eating for almost a day! In the end I have gained more experience and skill points, and I truly feel that my life is much better. This experience makes me truly happy.

(for the sarcasm-impaired: Wikipedia )
While looking for a Chinese article about sarcasm on Wikipedia, I noticed that:
- If you follow the link from English sarcasm to the Chinese page and back to English, you end up with 'satire' and not sarcasm
- Still the Chinese article is shorter than either sarcasm or satire in the English wiki
- There are no pages about cynicism or irony in Chinese
How interesting (I leave this as an exercise to the reader to decide if this is sarcasm or not).

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