It's sakura time again :) Last year's people will probably remember the park near the company where we had lunch sometimes. We still go there from time to time, and now with the sakura blossoming and our new bikes it seemed like the perfect time to pay the park a visit again.

The sakura seems more white this year. To my eyes anyway, in the photos there's not much difference compared to last year I think. This Sunday the weather was great: sunny sky and 20 degrees Celcius. Since Sunday evening it got colder and the rain started to fall, and only this morning it stopped. The sky cleared up and it's getting a bit warmer now. I've heard that in Kyushu it was already 30C 0_o, that will be quite a bike trip..

So, here's some pics of the park and the new bike. I'm getting used to it, but it's still way less practical than my old bike. But it's a lot faster ^_^

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