This is Japan

Not much text this time, just some pictures from this weekend's bike trips (we need to train for the trip in golden week!). Saturday we went on a random ride in the vicinity of Atsugi, trying out any random road we came across. Sunday was the big, long, heavy, suffering bike trip to the lake, and further on the next lake: Lake Tsukui.

We encountered a lot of cool activites at the riverside on the way back home from the lake. This cool mini monster truck was one of them.

The dirt bikes were having fun next to the monstertrucks.

More minimonstertrucks:

There were people surfing on the river, first time I've seen windsurfing in Japan.

Odakyu line over the Sagami river, near Hon Atsugi.

It looked like crappy weather was coming tonight, but amazingly there's been no rain so far.

Miyagase dam, my third visit 0_o

This does not look like Japan at all! Weird houses, horses and sheep? Strange.

The other lake, north of Miyagase, called lake Tsukui.

The dam at lake Tsukui.

Cool bridge.

We found this steam engine in a park next to some residential area. Quite unexpected.

Same park, near a river.

Mastering English remains a difficult task for Japanese people. Or maybe they're just weird.

The lake near Miyagase. I really like this spot. Pictures look good from there ^^

Some countryside area near Atsugi.

Same countryside area. Located on a small hill next to a city.

Children playing on the hill.

At the other side of the hill there was a baseball game being played. So cool! (I've been reading baseball manga :D)

Wakaremichi: meaning forked road or crossroads, but the first kanji is for 'understanding'. So I guess you can call it 'the road to understanding'.

Cool train, somewhere southwest of Atsugi.

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Cool cave. I was really curious but eventually decided to leave it since it was located next to some person's house.

Pretty average suburb street. Looks idyllic somehow.

More Japanese countryside.

This was taken on the hill on the way to the baseball game. Although at that time we didn't know there was a baseball field on the other side of course.

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