The crazy life starts again...

Looking at my life in Japan, it's always been greatly varying between a period of incredible busyness and a period of incredible boredom. I was bored to death last year between golden week and August, and I was busy like hell from September until January. Then February until now has been quite boring again. Well, it's time to start up the crazy season again, starting on Friday!

Friday we leave for Nagasaki. The crazy bike trip seems more and more like reality. Today we got our bicycles fixed, and we took them apart so we can take them into the airplane with us. Kamil put his in his bag, but my bag still hasn't arrived yet! o_0 It will arrive tomorrow in the afternoon. Talk about cutting it close...

That won't be the only crazy thing I'm planning though. My sister will come to Japan in June, I will go to Holland in August, and there's plenty of other crazy plans around to pass the time in between. I really feel like there's a need for me to do some new things. Especially this week has been so boring. I'm basically only waiting for our holidays to come.

But really, I'm looking further ahead than the bike trip. Because this week has been so boring I've realized that I'm not making much progress in my life. I'm standing still. Partly because I can't do much else than wait for better things right now (like holidays ^^), but also because I'm too lazy to actually do some minor useful things, like looking for jobs or learning a new language.

Kamil mentioned me in his 'Thinking Blogger' post. What the hell? It's a weird kind of internet meme for people who spend way too much time thinking about useless things and writing them down on their blogs. In other words: sounds a bit like me -__-. Part of the internet meme is sharing blogs of 5 other people you think are 'Thinking Bloggers'. Meh. But why not? Here's my 5 choices. I'll limit them to people I know and some blogs I encountered randomly on the net.

This guy thinks too much! Maybe he's like me, maybe not at all. In any case, Kamil is an interesting guy. As a stupid, politically incorrect Dutch guy I have to say that I never thought I could laugh so hard with a half-Pakistani, half-Hong-Kongnese muslim. Here's to you, my friend!

Why? Well... :) Ok, it's in Chinese and Google Translate makes a strange impression on me whenever I try to read her blog! It's especially interesting to me because she often talks about stuff we've done together or seen together, and her point of view and way of describing things is so much stronger than mine, it really leaves an impression on me.

A good friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous. I hope I"m not offending him by linking to his blog, but he can send me an email to shout at me if I'm doing something wrong! I can only say I respect this person's opinion very much, and I learned a lot from him, about life and about myself ;)

A friend of Kamil's I really don't know at all, but his blog's quite interesting. I guess I'm just fond of all things related to Japan.

Who is this person? I have absolutely no idea. I don't know her. I don't even remember how I found her blog, but it was an interesting read. Worth taking a look at IMHO.

I've been thinking about what I've been writing on my blog, and I've realized that my travel reports lately have been getting shorter and shorter, and my ranting about my personal life has gotten longer and longer. I guess it's time to let the English reading public in on a little secret: ZooiEnzo, the title of my blog, actually means MessAndShit (or MessAndStuff if you prefer the polite version..).

So the secret's out. It's time to rename the blog! From now on this blog will be known as Wakaremichi. The Japanese word 分れ道 means forked road, crossroads, or parting of the ways. The 分 kanji can mean many different things: it can mean a segment, a minute, a share, but as a verb it also means 'to understand'. The second kanji 道 is 'road'. So, in a way, it also means 'The road to understanding'.

For those of you not as fluent in Japanese, you pronounce it like this:

wa - KA - ray - MI - chi (stress the KA and MI parts)

That's quite a big change actually, from MessAndShit to 'The road to understanding'. The good thing about having a blog is that it's yours. You can do whatever you want with it ^
^. And since I don't have many readers, I'm sure I won't scare away many people with this change :D Don't worry guys, the content will be the same old shit all over again! And if my luck can last a bit longer I will have plenty of things to tell here! That is, if I don't die in Kyushu on the bike trip. Think positive... ;)

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