An empty space

There used to be a blogpost here, but I deleted it again because I was embarrassed about its contents. First time I ever deleted a post. Let's hope it will be the last time.

Tomorrow a new life will start. A life without worries. A happier, simpler life. But also a life that will feel less real. Without purpose. Everything will seem less important. I do not get to choose this life, but I did choose it for myself. That's always my philosophy: even if you think you don't have a choice, you always have a choice. I control my own life, and I decide to feel better tomorrow than I feel today. It's that simple. Giving up on something is not easy, especially if it's the only thing you've ever really wanted in life. There's no way I can give that up, but I can come to terms with not having it. I guess I will have to. I lost. Tomorrow a new battle will start.

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