A long expected party

No, not a commonroom party. Today we decided to go for something different and try a barbecue!

...yeah. That went smooth. We managed to get the barbecues from the commonroom in the youth heim, managed to transport them somehow on our bicycles to the riverside barbecue place, and then went shopping for meat and drinks. The shopping took half an hour longer than expected, so we arrived half an hour late at the party.

We didn't miss much, since none of the barbecues was on yet. Nobody could get the stupid things to light properly, and by 14:30 we hadn't eaten any meat yet. So me and Matthieu went out to get more stuff to light the barbecues, but by the time we got back some experiences Japanese barbecue veterans couldn't stand the sight of some stumbling baka gaijins, so they helped everybody out already. In the end, we did manage to get all 3 barbecues running for most of the time, and it was around 15:05 that the first piece of meat entered my mouth. Mission slightly delayed, but successful nonetheless. Splendid!

In the end we stayed out until sunset, and managed to finish almost all of the meat, although we did buy too much T_T It was a great barbecue, and I'm sure that when we do it again it will go a lot more smooth.

Take a look at Kamil's blog for more pics!


By the way, I got my phone bill for last month, and it was 3 times higher than normal o_0 :'(
I guess that's what you get for picture blogging through your mobile phone...

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